Justin Rose- 3D Radar Technology

Justin Rose’s swing is one of the most beautiful golf swings on the tour. Sean Foley, Rose’s swing coach has done an amazing job helping him build a more repeatable and reliable motion. They often use slow motion video as well as trackman (3d radar launch monitor) to make sure Justin gets precision feedback during his practice. His putting coach, David Orr, also uses the Sam Putt Lab to help Justin with his stroke. When I was a student at Campbell University I would spend every  hour I could watching David teach and learned so much about the proper technique. The Sam Putt Lab allows Justin and David to have instant feedback on the stroke so that changes can be made and the putting stroke can be more consistent.

Here are some takeaways from Justin’s swing that you should try to copy in your own swing.

1. Centered Pivot backswing.

2. Lower body shifts aggressively to the target in the downswing and through to the finish.

3. Hands ahead at impact.

4. D-plane Control (Justin maintains great angles throughout the swing and has the ability to hit all the shots because of his understanding of clubface and path.)

flightscope x2

You can use the same radar technology the pros are using! I use Flightscope 3D Radar technology and high speed video to give my players accurate and reliable feedback on what the club is doing through impact.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the lesson tee soon.

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