How to Drive the Golf Ball Over 300 Yards


We all dream about it. It’s what we all long for in our golf games. That rush when you stripe a golf ball as hard as you can and watch it go soaring down the middle of the fairway. For the blessed few distance comes naturally but for the most of us it takes some work and dedication to develop the skills necessary to launch the ball far and long. Below it is my goal to give you the tools you need to hit the ball longer more consistently.

Here are the four keys I mention in the video that are guaranteed (if practiced and developed) to increase you distance off the tee. (In a nutshell use your body, arms, and hands in the proper sequence)

1. How to have a powerful body rotation

2. How to swing the arms properly

3. How to store and deliver the hands

4. Putting it all together in sequence.

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