My First Ever Double Eagle!


One day after Louis Oosthuizen’s amazing double eagle at the 3rd hole at the Masters I had one of the most amazing events in my golfing career. As if inspired by the professional’s amazing 4 iron from 254 I found a way to duplicate his amazing 2 on a par 5. That’s right! A DOUBLE EAGLE! It was an electrifying experience that I will never forget.

It all started when I blocked my Drive about 290 down the right hand side on the 17th hole at the Ballyntyne Resort. The miss almost hit a group of ladies who thought that the cart path was a good place for a morning stroll. (Little did I know they would be my only witnesses!!!)  For those that have not played the course it is exactly where you should be if you miss the fairway because of the ominous water hazard on the left hand side. The ball was sitting down in the rough a bit so I knew it was going to come out hot and with little to no spin. I lazered the distance off to 252 and started to plan a fade in my mind’s eye. When I saw the shot I wanted to hit I got my 3 wood out and made some fade rehearsals with my usual swing thought (3 quarter control swing). Then when I got up to the ball and hit the shot it felt like any other 3 wood and I assumed the worst when it started at the bunker that is placed just in front of the green.

Low and behold the ball finally started to fade just a bit to the right narrowly missing the bunker and hitting the front edge with a forceful bounce towards the back of the green. Once on the green the ball took on a mind of its own as it rolled over the ridge on the right side of the green making the ball break back beautifully right to left with excessive speed. I really expected the ball to chase off the back of the green and into the rough behind when out of nowhere the pin made a vibration that I could feel from 252 yards out. The vibration shot up my feet and before I knew it I was 5 ft up in the air jumping around like I had just won the masters. Luckily I turned around to the ladies behind me and asked “Did you see that?” “We sure did!” When I pulled the ball out of the hole I was happy to see my “Fightin’ Camels” logo on theProV1X.  (Campbell University’s mascot)

Too bad I couldn’t have hit the shot in the Masters like Louis did, but who knows if I can keep making some more double eagles I might give that a try next year!

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