Flat Left Wrist- Key to clubface control

When it comes to getting the ball to start online the most important alignment in golf is the clubface. The trackman radar system has proven time and again the ball starts more towards where the clubface is oriented than it does towards the path of the clubhead. With this in mind the golfer must find a way to be consistent in the way he/she controls the clubface.

The best way to do this is to place your lead hand on the grip properly and to use your left wrist properly in the golf swing. The first step is to grip the club more in your fingers by placing the grip under the butt of the palm pad and across the base of the fingers. Now that the club is more in your fingers make sure that the orientation of your left wrist is correct. This can be checked by making sure the v of your left forefinger and thumb point to the right shoulder at address. You will also see at least two knuckles on your left hand if done properly.

With the proper grip the wrist will be in a better position to do its job. On the backswing the left wrist will turn and cock and then in the downswing it will uncock and roll. The common misconception here is to use your left wrist for power by bending it through impact. This is actually the “Kiss of Death” in the game. Bending your left wrist through impact makes you increase the loft of the golf club, leaves you susceptible to tops and chunks and also leaves the clubface wide open. Instead keep your left wrist flat as you uncock and roll to sustain more power and energy into the golf ball. This encourages a square clubface, the true loft of the golf club, and also provides a longer more powerful lever through impact.

Try the following drill to get this wonderful feeling of impact;

1. Take a dowel rod and place it against the grip of your golf club so that it extends the shaft out in front of your left hip.

2. Take half swings making sure that the dowel rod doesn’t hit your side and that your left wrist is staying flat.

This simple drill will give you more power and control and will transfer this skill into your impact position on your full swing.

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