Teaching Beginner Golfers

Teaching Beginners- Building a foundation for a lifetime

Over the years I have had the pleasure of introducing the game of golf to many people . I have heard things like “They make it look so easy on TV,” and the even more common phrase “This shouldn’t be too hard…after all the ball is just sitting still in this sport.” Beginners tend to set the bar high their first time out and expect to be hitting the ball solid in no time. They soon learn it takes a great deal of patience adjusting to this peculiar game with a little ball and stick. Eventually after lessons from their parents, spouse, or friends they find out that getting professional help will facilitate playing better golf sooner. The best place a beginner golfer can go to learn is the Dana Rader Golf School.

When the beginner arrives at the Dana Rader Golf School we always make sure their golf clubs fit them or even make sure we provide them with clubs that do. Then we begin to teach the fundamentals of golf. Grip, aim, stance, posture, and ball position are the cornerstones to building a lifelong good golf swing. Players of all levels are always working on proper fundamentals.  These keys to the proper setup are directly correlated to whether or not a player will hit a good golf shot.

 After honing in the fundamentals we start to develop the proper shape to the swing and also develop the elements of the proper pivot. We keep things fun, interesting, and entertaining so that the student is engaged and willing to learn.  Each element of the lesson includes interaction in some way whether it is drills, hands on training, or practicing the new technique under guided supervision. By the end of an hour lesson the student will have learned the muscle memory necessary to make more consistent contact with the ball in the center of the clubface. That “solid” contact they feel is the best feeling in any sport. It is an addicting rush and is always exciting for the instructors as well. If you are a beginner and are looking to start your journey off right in the game come give us a visit by signing up for a lesson today at www.DanaRader.com

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